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Finding the perfect wedding venue can be quite a challenge, especially when you consider that there are more than 50 choices for weddings in the Gorge. Some areas and sites are less known, some are off the beaten path, and some are wildly popular and well-known. How do you choose?

We will help you sort through all of the Columbia River Gorge wedding venue options and narrow those down to a few top choices. We know the area, the venues, and we have the inside scoop! Our easy-to-use questionnaire takes into account the many possible variables including onsite sleeping accommodations, rain shelter back-up options, bar services, games and activities, tables and chairs, and much more. Let us help you find the perfect Gorge wedding venue.

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Finding the perfect venue takes time especially when you consider that each venue offers something so different. Do you need a wedding venue that is pet friendly? Has a Mt Hood view? Or how about a place that is quiet and intimate for a quick elopement? Would you like the rustic charm of an Oregon barn wedding? Or the excitement of a downtown wedding in a historic building? Maybe a gallery or museum fits your style?

Wow.. with all of these options, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Not to worry, with the Gorge Venue Finder service we will help you narrow down the choices. From rustic casual to elegant sophistication, there is sure to be a perfect venue for your style!

Find Your Ideal Venue for a Wedding in the Gorge!Locate a wedding venue in the gorge.

The price for this comprehensive services is $250 and it includes:

  • Comparison chart of top 5 venues matches
  • One hour consultation via phone, email or in person
  • Brochures and or venue info packets
  • Venue tour arrangements

Step 1

Please, make payment

Step 2

Complete the Venue Finder Questionnaire for the perfect Gorge wedding.

Step 3

Simply Events will then sift through your criteria and suggest 5 top picks based on your choices. If further clarification is needed, we will contact you by email or phone.

Step 4

We will then confirm your wedding date and availability with those top 5 venue choices.

Step 5

Simply Events will provide you with a comparison chart of your top 5 choices along with venue specifics or brochures. We will then review and discuss the top 5 choices in person or by phone to further clarify your needs and wishes. Once your top venues are confirmed, we will arrange for tours of the venues of your choosing.

Questions before you start? Call 541-490-6844 or email for more details! 

Group Tours and Gorge Wedding Sampler coming soon!