Special Event Planning

Special Event Planning by Simply Events

It’s such a wonderful thing to live in a small rural community where people enjoy helping one another and are able to support different charities. We are pleased to be involved in several local fundraisers in our area that help raise money for great causes such as;

  • increased access to physical fitness for kids
  • child abuse prevention
  • and the preservation of a local historical landmark.

In addition to these fundraising events, we also love to coordinate wellness retreats. These retreats provide opportunities for people to take care of their own bodies as well as experience a deeper connection to the earth, themselves, and their surroundings.

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As wedding planners in Hood River, our team has the skill and knowledge to help you coordinate just about any event – big or small. We can organize and plan the special occasion as well as assist with creative development, volunteer organization, menu selection, welcome packets and more!

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Make Planning Events Easy

With our event planning team, you can save time and even a bit of cash by allowing our team to utilize our knowledge of contacts around the area. Whether you’re organizing a fundraiser or holding a weekend retreat, we can help with all aspects of the planning process so that your event goes off without a hitch.

The small communities throughout the Gorge, including Hood River, are ideal for weekend getaways. Learn to appreciate your inner strength and beauty by participating in wellness retreats against the backdrop of the stunning Mt. Hood and Columbia River.

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