Winter Weddings

People typically think of the Gorge for summer, outdoor weddings. However, a much overlooked option is the winter wedding. Mt Hood Meadows comes to mind… with the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the ski hill. White, pristine, fresh. Especially if you are a winter sports fan… guests can ski in the morning, party in the night!

Another beautiful location for a more intimate, winter wedding is Cooper Spur Mountain Resort. The lodge room is cozy with onsite catering and a rustic, mountain feel. If you want to spend quality time with your guests, there are cabins and rooms all within walking distance. Ohh and hot tubs! This beautiful venue has retained an old fashioned feel that I really love.

And by the way… no… I am not getting a kick back for saying any of this… I just like these places and think a winter wedding would be such fun!

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